The Council order

Jedi Council Order: An Elite Circle of Leaders The Jedi Order encompasses the most influential and respected members of our community. Chosen from the ranks of Master Jedi, they embody the epitome of knowledge, dedication, and commitment to the principles of digital freedom and blockchain technology. The Jedi Order leads the way, charting the course for the future of Jedi Coin and spearheading initiatives that drive innovation and progress.

The ranking program of Jedi Coin represents more than just a hierarchy; it is a system designed to foster growth, encourage collaboration, and reward the dedication of our community members. Through the ranks of Padawan, Jedi, Master Jedi, and the revered Jedi Order, we aim to create a vibrant and dynamic community united by a common purpose. Join us on this galactic journey, unleash the power of the Jedi, and together, let us shape a future where digital freedom and blockchain technology thrive. May the Force be with us!

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