The Concept of the Jedi Army:

a) Padawan: The Journey Begins As a Padawan, community members embark on their exciting journey within the Jedi Coin universe. They are new initiates, eager to learn and explore the possibilities offered by our ecosystem. Padawans have the opportunity to participate in educational programs, engage with mentors, and gain valuable insights to shape their path towards becoming true Jedi warriors.

b) Jedi: Embracing the Path of Wisdom and Action Upon proving their dedication and commitment, Padawans ascend to the rank of Jedi. As Jedi, community members demonstrate a deeper understanding of the Jedi Coin ecosystem and actively contribute to its growth. They engage in community discussions, participate in events, and support fellow members, strengthening the bonds within the Jedi army.

c) Master Jedi: Guiding the Path of Enlightenment Master Jedi represents the pinnacle of achievement within our ranking program. These esteemed members have showcased exceptional knowledge, leadership, and a deep understanding of the Jedi Coin ecosystem. They serve as mentors, guiding and inspiring others on their journey towards becoming Jedi warriors. Master Jedi play a vital role in shaping the future of our community through their expertise and wisdom.

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